My Interview With Kacey Fifield


KF: I started to pursue acting career when I was 8.  But I loved acting ever since I was 5. I liked to quote my favorite characters from shows and put on my own plays for family and friends.

What’s your favorite song that you’ve ever sang?
KF: I love my second single “California”, it was released in the beginning of November and I just really love singing it.  I wrote the lyrics so the song is really personal and about me and my life.
If you could spend the day with anyone who would it be?
KF: I would love to spend a day with Taylor Swift.  It would be so fun to goof around and talk music.
What’s your favorite song?
KF: There are so many to chose from! Right now, I love “Style” by Taylor Swift and “When I Grow Up” by Kacey Fifield 🙂
What’s your favorite t.v show?
KF: I like so many tv shows, but my favorites right now are “Game Shakers” on Nickelodeon and “KC undercover” on Disney.

My Interview With Eden McCoy


At what age did you start acting at?
EM: I am twelve now but I was eight years old when I booked my first acting job – it was a commercial for an Olivia The Pig pirate ship toy.  My first serious role came a few months later in a Discovery Channel mini-series called Scary Tales.
What’s your favorite episode of General Hospital?
EM: Carly and Sonny’s recent wedding episode!  It was a lot of fun for me to get dressed up for the wedding.  All of the actors looked so beautiful and handsome, and it was really emotional listening to my mom (Carly) and Sonny say their wedding vows.
What’s your favorite movie to watch?
EM: That is so hard! I guess it would be The Devil Wears Prada – I love comedies, Meryl Streep, and fashion, and that movie has all three!
If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be?
EM: Tina Fey.  I would love to spend a day with her – she seems so smart and hilarious!
What do you like doing on your free time?
EM: When I’m not in school or working, I play on my volleyball team and hangout at the beach with my friends – usually playing volleyball 🙂

My Interview With Kate Kilcoyne


At what age did you start acting at?
KK: I started acting at age 7. My dad’s best friend said my parents should get me an agent, and they thought he was crazy! They submitted me, and I was signed at my first meeting! I love acting, and I feel so blessed to get to do it!
What’s your favorite job that you’ve done?
KK: It’s hard to pick a favorite. I did have a blast working on a national commercial that will air in the spring for a water toy! I got REALLY wet!!! Today, I got to work with the coolest robot. Every job seems like a fun, new adventure!
What’s your favorite t.v show?
KK: I have two! Doc McStuffins and Once Upon A Time.
What do you do on your free time?
KK:I LOVE to read! I am reading the Harry Potter series, and I just finished book one!

My Interview With Chloe Keskinen


At what age did you start acting at?
CK:Well, it’s a fun story. My first audition I was 13 days old. My mom got a call from a friend who had a daughter in commercials. Her agent needed a baby for the Meet the Fockers movie. It was my dad’s favorite comedy at the time so my mom took me. She has my set pass in my baby book. But over the next few years people asked my parents if I could be in ads and a kids video. My parents saw how much fun I had on set so when I was 4 I finally got an agent and I’ve been working and having a blast ever since.
What’s your favorite t.v show to watch?
CK:This is a hard one because there are so many good shows but my top 3 are Ellen, H20 & Project Runway.
Would you like to guest star on one of your favorite t.v shows?
CK:As a actress, I’d like to be on a Soap Opera. Days of Our Lives would be fun. I know a few current and former actors from that soap and I think it would be such a fun work set. But I’d also really like to be on Ellen. She’s a hero of mine because of all her charity work.
Helping others is super important to my family. We spend 10-20 hours a week volunteering and raising money for different charities.I’d like to thank Ellen for inspiring people to be kind to others and for the support and encouragement she gives. She’s amazing.
Would you like to be in a music video?
CK:Oh Yes!!!! I love music. My hope one day is to be in my own music video. I’m always singing. Since I’m not a singer yet, it would be so cool to be in one of Taylor Swift’s videos. She is not only a great performer but also a giving person much like Ellen. Taylor is always giving back to her fans and that make a me like her even more.

My Interview With Haley Rose

At what age did you start singing at?
HR:I started singing at age 11, but not seriously until age 14.
What’s your favorite song that you’ve ever sang?
HR:My favorite song is Let It Be. I love the emotion of the song and it fits my voice really well!
If you weren’t a singer what would you be?
HR: I honestly can’t imagine being anything else!  Too many out of the ordinary things have led to where I am now, with my music, that I know God is leading me to this career. But if I had to be something else it would be a chef! I love to cook!

Who would you like to do a collaboration with?
HR:Unrealistically, I would say Elvis!  That obviously can’t happen though!  So, instead I would want to collaborate with a band called Rend Collective.  They have such a cool sound that would go well with my musical style!

My Interview With Caige Coulter


At what age did you start acting at?
CC: I started acting when I was 5 in Colorado.
If you could guest star on any t.v show what would it be?
CC:The Witches of East End because it has my favorite actor in it and it’s about witches and I love witches and it’s a little evil but I’m not evil.
If you were stranded on an island what 3 things would you bring?
CC:Food,  water,  and Pinky. Pinky is my favorite blankie that I got when I was born and my grandma made it for me.  It is black with pink polka dots and that is why I named it Pinky.
What’s your favorite job that you’ve done?
CC: Oh. Let’s see….Highston! It’s a TV Show that I booked and it comes out Nov 5th. But I have worked on a lot of awesome things!
What do you do on your free time?
CC: Arts and crafts because I love to paint and my favorite thing to paint is sunsets.

My Interview With Gigi Cappetta

fTTqMI2NAt what age did you start acting at?
GC: I started acting as a toddler but didn’t officially get picked up by an agent until the age of 5.  When I was 4 the teachers at daycare told my dad I was doing shows standing on tables during the day singing Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana.”  My dad helped convince my mom that I needed to be in some sort of artistic place where I could grow.
What’s your favorite charity?
GC: I have a few… Recently I started a YouTube channel called The Conversation Club in hopes that I could get a following and raise proceeds for Syrian refugee children.  I’m really passionate about it.  I hope one day to be involved with Saint Jude’s Hospital and I would do almost anything to raise awareness to get people to stop wearing fur.  I think people who wear fur just don’t know what the animals go through to share their fur with people.
Who’s your favorite Youtuber?
GC: I’m such a fan of Seven Super Girls that my 4 year-old sister is now able to act out their skits! But to be fair it may be a tie with Grace Mulgrew – she is my hero of doll collecting and little hilarious skits with Barbies. I really want her autograph!
What’s your favorite type of movie to watch?
GC: I love fantasy worlds like fairies and unicorns and all things magical and pixie dust and I really believe in it, oh mermaids too.  So I would have to say my fav is Aquamarine but I also love fairy tales with happy endings like The Little Princess.  I’m also a huge Jerry Lewis fan. My mom showed me a movie once with him and he was so funny I was hooked.  My acting goals include being able to do something Jerry Lewis-like in the near future hopefully! And totally including the falling, tripping, goofy faces and glasses.
Would you ever like to be in a music video?
GC: I actually was in a few in the past- they’re out there in cyber space somewhere! I did one on Venice Beach with Tyler Ward that was pretty epic but if I could do one today it would be with Matty B. Because I love his songs, his tune, his beats & rap.  I can rap but shhh no one knows.

My Interview With April Marshall-Miller


I what age did you start acting at?
AMM: I started acting when I was 6yrs. I went to YADA (Youth Academy of Dramatic Arts) and it was so much fun. And I went to The Playground LA with Gary Spatz and he taught me to play and be me and I LOVE acting!
What was it like guest starring on Liv and Maddie?
AMM: Very exciting and fun! I got to meet people that I never thought I would meet like Dove and Jess and Tenzing and Herbie. And I got to make new friends. I wasn’t expecting so many cameras and that was really cool. But you have to be careful because that means a camera is always watching you! It was also cool when all the people came in to watch us perform the scenes. Everyone was so nice and kind. It felt like we were always going to stick together.
If you could move anywhere where would it be?
AMM:Well, I’d rather stay right where I am right now in California. But I would LOVE to go visit Paris! I’m learning to speak French and my Daddy says if I can learn how to speak French we can go! That will be fun! I can’t wait.
What’s your dream t.v show to guest star on?
AMM:Liv & Maddie for sure! Or KC Undercover. I love that show. I also love Austin & Ally. But Liv & Maddie first!
What do you do on your free time?
AMM: Play in my room or with friends, dance (my favorite is tap), sing, go to Disneyland, go to the park, or see Grandma.
What’s your favorite type of clothing line?
AMM: Dresses with sparkles!! I love sparkles! I also like shoes. Pink is my favorite color. And maybe a tiara too with sparkles on it.