My Interview With Kayla Huth


At what age did you starting acting?

KH: I starting acting when I was 16 years old. My brother and I started acting classes with Gray Studios in their Tampa, FL location at the time and fell in love with it from the very first class we took. I am always looking to take classes from local instructors to enhance my skill set.

What’s your favorite sports team?
KH: I love both watching and playing all sports. I think I get most excited for hockey, football and of course, baseball!  Since I live in Florida, my heart is to support our local teams.  The Rays are my favorite Baseball team, not just because I work with them, but meeting and personally interviewing each player and getting to know them makes me want to show their fans who they are on and off the field and connect with them better.

If you could guest star on any tv show what show would it be?
KH: If I could guest star on any tv show it would be “Girl Meets World” on Disney Channel. I love the life lessons they teach along with their acting skill set.  I like that the actors are around my age, and they are role models and one’s I can learn from.

What’s your favorite type of candy?

What’s your favorite animal?
KH: My favorite animal is a dolphin. My family and I went swimming with dolphins for my 14th birthday and it was a time I will never forget.

What’s your favorite project that you’ve done?
KH: I’ve loved every project that I have worked on. I really try to take each role I have and break it down and learn from it and have fun with it also. But if I were to choose one, I would have to pick a role I booked in a Spanish music video. The role I played was a girl who had a rough and abusive past and was in search of healing. This was a challenging role for me but I was stretched in many areas, and the emotion I had was deep, and very meaningful to me.

What do you do on your free time?
KH: My free time is usually spent with family or friends. I love being spontaneous and being outside. I also love creating music. I love to sing, play the guitar, piano and I also write music. I enjoy traveling to new places. The beach is always a “go to place” for me when I have free time.

Photographer: Chris Cavalier

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