My Interview With Gigi Cappetta



What’s your favorite acting job that you’ve done so far?
GC: I’m grateful my role The Kids From 62-F as Nina as it has brought me the gift of an Imagen Foundation Award Nomination for Best Actress in a Feature Film.  The role that is most special to my heart is Jessy in the Street movies franchise.  I played Jessy years ago and I’m about to play her again in a few months in Street 2 Death Fight.  Jessy is growing up with me.  I’m lucky enough to play her again in the next movie in the franchise.  Love her!

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
GC: I was just saying this yesterday that I would choose to live on a boat so that I could see the world, and all of its beautiful places and not just stay in one area.

What’s your favorite type of dessert?
GC: Hmmmm, that’s a great question and a tough one.  My mom’s apple pies during the holidays are a big-time favorite but I would have to say anything Hershey’s Chocolate (from my hometown Chocolatetown USA) especially Hershey’s kisses and Hershey’s minis oh and Reese’s!

What’s your dream job?
GC: Wow, such pressure! My dream job would be to play a mermaid like in Splash or Aquamarine but outside of movies I would say having a farm where I can take in as many horses as I can fit and rescue animals.  I love animals.  I just adopted a ferret, I have a dog and want about ten more pets.

If you weren’t an actress and model what would you do?
GC: Live on a horse farm and take care of animals and maybe sing in a band every now and then.

What do you do on your free time?
GC: My favorite things to do are traveling, singing, gymnastics, wrote short stories, ride horses and watch old movies with my mom and sister like Cary Grant movies and Jerry Lewis movies.


My Interview With Abby Lee Miller


How long have you been a dancer teacher for?
ALM: A long long time. 35 Years!

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
ALM: I may end up living in Australia. The dance community is huge there. It is incredible and there really nice to me and they love me. So I can see my future there. It’s very Americanized. It’s the country that’s most like America I say of the places that I’ve been. At the beach, but also with a helicopter on my roof so I can just fly to Hollywood when I need to get there and I didn’t have to drive on the 405.

What has been your favorite place to visit?
ALM: Tampa, Florida

What’s your favorite t.v show to watch?
ALM: My favorite show growing up as a child was “Family” with Christi Mcnickel. I also liked the “Good Wife, but I was always trying to fuss with my t.v set because it was filmed so dark.

Where would you like your next ALDC location to be?
ALM: Definitely in Europe. Probably in Ireland.

My Interview With Chloe Noelle

Chloe Noelle Mad Eyes.jpg

At what age did you start acting?
CN: My mom said I loved performing even when I was 2 or 3! I started theater when I was 6. Then movies and TV when I was 8!

What’s your favorite animal?
CN: A three toed Sloth! They are just so cute and always look like they are smiling!

What’s your favorite store to shop at?
CN: I have to admit I LOVE IKEA! I could spend hours in there! I love getting room decorating ideas.

What’s your favorite type of dessert?
CN: Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting!!!

What’s your favorite project that you’ve done?
CN: True Blood, it was great being a part of that cast for 3 years, plus I got to work with a lot of animals!

What do you do on your free time?
CN: I love to draw and I just started learning animation!

Photographer: Aly Blue Photography

My Interview With Cleo Tellier


At what age did you start acting?
CT: I started acting at 8 or 9 years old, in grade 3.

If you could write a book what would it be about?
CT: I would write a book about how to concretely change your life for the better.

Where’s your favorite store to shop at?
CT: I love shopping at Dynamite.

What’s your favorite type of dessert?
CT: Anything with chocolate! I also love ice cream and apple crumble.

What’s your favorite t.v show to watch?
CT: Jane the Virgin is my favorite Tv show. I also really like Pretty Little Liars and Modern Family.

What’s your favorite project that you’ve done?
CT: Working on Degrassi was an amazing experience.

What do you do on your free time?
CT: I spent most of my free time with my dog Pancake.

Photographer: Denise Grant

My Interview With Jax Malcolm


At what age did you start acting?
JM: It all started when I was 5. I was watching tv one night and was amazed by the kids on tv I asked my parents why I wasn’t one of them. From there I got an agent and a manager and booked my first commercial a PSA for Smart Power within a couple of months.

What’s your favorite charity?
JM: I am an ambassador and speaker for CHLA. This past year I held my first ever #ActionJax Movie Morning Fundraiser benefiting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. I had the opportunity to use my network of industry friends, brands that I love, and companies who support me with great success. I was able to raise over $2,000 for the hospital. I’m looking forward to the 2nd Annual #ActionJax Movie Morning Fundraiser October 7, 2017!

If you were to star on a t.v show what would it be about?
JM: If I got to choose I would definitely star in a Transformers show. I saw the first Transformers movie in the theatre when I was little and it made a huge impact on me wanting to be an actor. It would be a dream come true to star alongside Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee.

What’s your favorite holiday?
JM: My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving I love to spend that day with my family cooking, and eating! I make special chocolate chip pumpkin spice bars every year!
What’s your favorite project that you’ve done?
JM: My favorite project so far is The Other Side of the Door I play the voice of Oliver, and Oliver’s ghost. I’m currently nominated for a Young Artists and Young Entertainer Award for my work on the film. It’s a horror movie with a lot of supernatural elements so if you’re readers like a good scare they should definitely check it out.

What do you do on your free time?
JM: When I’m not working I spend time on my charity work with Heal the Bay and CHLA. I’m also a competitive swimmer and archer. I’ve qualified for the Junior Olympics and am a championship team member of my swim team. If I’m not working or at an audition you will find me doing laps at the pool, or shooting at the archery range!
Photographer: Tasia Wells

My Interview With The Bucket List Family


Where’s your favorite place to travel to?

Garrett: Tahiti

Jessica: New Zealand

Dorothy: Japan

Manila: Italy
What’s your favorite type of dessert?

Garrett: Fruit & Ice cream

Jessica: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dorothy: Mint Chocolate chip Ice cream

Manilla: chocolate ice cream

Where would you like to travel to?

Garrett: Iceland

Jessica: Scandinavia

Dorothy: Africa

Manilla: Africa

If you were stranded on an island what three things would you bring?

Garrett: My camera, phone, and workout clothes

Jessica: Garrett, dorothy and manilla

Dorothy: my princesses, playdough, and music

Manilla: ipad, cars, trains

What’s your favorite movie to watch?

Garrett: About Time

Jessica: Remember the Titans

Dorothy: Zootopia

Manilla: Cars

My Interview With Max Mackenzie


At what age did you start acting?
MM: I started acting a little over 2 years ago as a Junior in high school. I just decided to try it out, and it was just too much fun to stop. Hard work, and persistence got me to this point in my career and I don’t intend on slowing down any time soon.

Do you like to play videos games, if so what’s your favorite video game?
MM: Yeah man! Huge gamer. However, I am a bit cliche. ‘The Last of Us’ is the single greatest game I have ever played. I’m a HUGE fan of Troy Baker too (voice of Joel, in ‘The Last of Us’, so literally everything about the game is perfect….11/10 would recommend.

Who’s your favorite sports team?
MM: Have go with my love for the Boston Celtics. I grew up in Newton, MA, just outside of Boston and frequently went to games all through the years I lived there.

Where’s your favorite place to travel to?
MM: I am a British citizen, thanks to my Dad being 100% Scottish, so Edinburgh, Scotland is always going to be a favorite of mine. Also 11/10 would recommend. But play ‘The Last of Us’ first…you’ll appreciate everything you do in life a little more after it. But yes, Edinburgh, Scotland.

What’s your favorite t.v show to watch?
MM: Archer. Not sure I’ve ever loved a show more than I love Archer.

What’s your favorite project that you’ve done?
MM: I loved working on my first feature, “Just Say Goodbye.” I gained a film-family working on that project. They gave me my start in film by taking a chance on me and I am eternally grateful for them.

What do you do on your free time?
MM: Work! I’m always trying to figure out the next thing in my career at all times. Most of the day work occupies my mind. Although it can stress me out, I secretly love it.
Photographer: Xanthe Elbrick

My Interview With Ava Bianchi


At what age did you start acting?
AB: I started acting in plays when I was 3. I did Annie so many times I can’t count. I started acting professionally going on auditions when I was 7 or 8.

What’s your favorite store to shop at?
AB: Lately I love shopping at Forever 21. Which reminds me. I have a gift card I need to go shopping like now!!

What’s your favorite type of animal?
AB: My favorite animals are sea turtles and panda bears. I also have a bunny that I love very much.

What’s your favorite type of dessert?
AB: My favorite dessert is a chocolate chip muffin heated at Starbucks or pineapple sorbet from Menchies is awesome!!

What’s your favorite type of music?
AB: I have so many favorite artists in music. I love Ed Sheeran the most. I hope I can see him in concert one day. He is so talented.

What’s your favorite project that you’ve done?
AB: My favorite project was working as a young Jack Antonoff of Bleachers on Conan. I got to hang out with the band and lip sync to their music for 2 days. Performing live on the show was so fun. They were great guys and gave me a guitar as a gift at the end of the day.
What do you do on your free time?
AB: In my free time I love hanging out with my friends. Going boogie boarding at the beach.  Roller skating and watching tv. It is rare that I have a free day, so when I do I like to just enjoy it as much as I can.

Photographer: Kevin McIntyre

My Interview With Grant Davidson


At what age did you start acting?
GD: I was Snoopy in my pre-school holiday performance of “It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas” at age four.  I have been in every grade level performance since then.  My parents will tell you that I have been an entertainer since I was born, but I truly began pursuing an acting career at age nine.

What’s your favorite type of dessert?
GD: I am crazy about shaved ice! While I was in LA for Episodic Season, my goal was to try as many new shaved ice shops as possible! My Instagram proves that I succeeded!

WHat’s your favorite sports team?
GD: I cannot pick one!  I am a big fan of the San Diego Chargers, Memphis Grizzlies and Boston Celtics  My family lives in Nashville, but we try to get to one or two Grizzlies games each season.  When we travel, we always  try to go to one of the local team’s games while in town!

If you were stranded on an island what three things would you bring?
GD: Fishing rod, a machete, and a fire starter – I may have watched one too many survival reality shows with my brother!

What’s your favorite color?
GD: My favorite color is blue.

What’s your favorite project that you’ve done?
GD: I did a commercial for this election season called “Climate Inaction Figures.”  The 2017 Presidential candidates were made into toy action figures. It was cool to combine acting and playing with “super heroes!”  The artist who created and 3D printed the action figures was on set. He explained the whole process.  When we weren’t shooting, he taught my co-star and I how to fold origami and talked about comic books with us!  As for shooting that day, there were some pretty lengthy lines. They decided on set to have my co-star and I do takes of both sets of lines.  I remember being pretty proud when the director was caught off guard that I had memorized the whole script prior to the shoot!  It was a pretty cool day both professionally and just as a kid!

What do you do on your free time?
GD: I like to ride bikes and play video games. I hang with my brother and our friends. When I’m in LA, I spend as much time as possible at Universal Studios riding rides!  My family does a lot of cool stuff together like going to concerts, movies, and sporting events. We love to travel. I am a huge car enthusiast.  I enjoy learning about them, seeing them at car shows, and spotting them on the road. You can usually find me with some version of a Rubik’s cube in my hand.  I can solve a traditional cube in 60 seconds and I am working to decrease that time


My Interview With Always Arden


At what age did you start doing gymnastics?
Arden: I started gymnastics when I was two years old.

What’s your favorite tumbling pass to do?
Arden: My favorite tumbling pass to do is a round off whip half front pike.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Arden: I would want to live in Miami, Florida.

Where’s your favorite place to travel to?
Arden: My favorite place to travel is Miami,Florida.

If you couldn’t do gymnastics what would you do?
Arden: If I couldn’t do gymnastics I would do acro.

What’s your favorite type of dessert?
Arden: My favorite type of dessert is cookie dough or cookie cake.

What do you do on your free time?
Arden: I like to do in my free time